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IEB & Cambridge Syllabuses offered at Cambridge and recognised by ALL South African Universities

Headmaster’s Message

Mr Callison copy“Education for Life”

Cambridge Academy was envisioned to educate children: my children, your children – yes, our children! After teaching for 10 years I was disillusioned about the education provided in our city. As a father of two, I felt driven to establish an institution that served children and their needs and included family values and Christian principles.  Today we consider, after much research about education systems, this vision to be Cambridge Academy – because there are like-minded parents and like-minded teachers who all want to educate children for life! Welcome to our Cambridge Family!                                      

Cambridge Academy opened its door in 1999 as a Private School. We consider ourselves a forerunner in the field of education from 18 months to 18 years and we remain a school with a greater vision.  High standards remain the cornerstone of Cambridge Academy and these are never sacrificed. These remain steadfast at all times for the sake of those who bind themselves to this marvellous institution.

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