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Our cultural department is a dynamic is a dynamic and vibrant part of our school. We encourage our students to be active members of the school by participating in a variety of cultural activities. Students are also encouraged to join any of our clubs or societies within the cultural development. Clubs have been formed to equip our students to develop their talents and passion in a particular area.



Cultural activities offered:

  • Marimbas
  • Public Speaking
  • Choir
  • Art
  • Art & Crafts
  • Music – group and class tuition offered


Clubs Societies and Extra Murals

  • Chess Club
  • Drama Club
  • Young Engineers Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Computer Club – Grade 7
  • GEMS – Girls with Exceptional manners and standards
  • LEGIT CLUB – League of Esteemed gentleman in training


Students participate in various competitions, productions and cultural activities throughout the year.


Annual Cultural Events and Competitions:

  • Spelling Bee
  • Richard Callison Public Speakimg Competition
  • Arts Festival
  • Drama Production
  • Radikale Redenaars
  • South African Literacy Association Competition
  • Clash of the Classes
  • International Evening


Our cultural department is forever evolving as we always look to introduce new activities and clubs that will allow our students to grow and to create a little bit of magic for themselves.