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Mission Statement


Why Cambridge?

We offer an excellent and superior academic standard, with an uncompromising Christian base.  Cambridge is dedicated to forming well-rounded, balanced young adults who will one day become strong, critical thinkers and an asset to society. In order to achieve this, we combine academics with sport, culture, firm and fair discipline as well as praise where due.

We strive to:

  • Provide an excellent and balanced education in a happy atmosphere;
  • Have pupils, parents and staff work together as a team;
  • Honour God day by day.

Our Vision

All educators commit themselves to develop meaningful Christian norms and values within every learner and to teach them to assume responsibility for their talents and rights.


Our Mission Statement

To accomplish our vision we have the following mission statement for the School:

It is important to parents, educators and learners that:

  • High academic standards be maintained.
  • Educators are competent and well qualified.
  • Learners develop physically.
  • Learners develop as creatures of culture.
  • Learners be motivated to achieve their full potential.
  • Parents play an integral role as part of the education team.
  • We create a harmonious and stimulating education team.
  • The highest level of effective school management is applied.

Our Values

      –    Christian principles

      –    Accountability

M       –    Manners

B       –    Bravery and courage

R       –    Reliability & Responsibility

I        –    Involvement and integrity

      –    Determination

G       –    Gentleness of spirit and manner

E       –    Excellence


School and home must be seen to be working together for the child’s benefit in every way. We also expect parents to support the school in its reasonable attempts to implement the above and we value your participation. We request that parents don’t undermine the school in its efforts to discipline their children.

The school authorities believe that there are certain non-negotiable absolutes govering behaviour. Biblical standards of right and wrong are our yardsticks controlling what is regarded as acceptable or non-acceptable behaviour.