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Welcome to Cambridge Private Academy

Cambridge Academy was envisioned to educate children: my children, your children – yes, our children! After teaching for 10 years I was disillusioned about the education provided in our city. As a father of two, I felt driven to establish an institution that served children and their needs and included family values and Christian principles. Today we consider, after much research about education systems, this vision to be Cambridge Academy – because there are like-minded parents and like-minded teachers who all want to educate children for life! Welcome to our Cambridge Family!

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Excellence in Education


To provide students of all races, cultures, religions and denominations all round excellence in education based on a good Christian foundation.
Romans 1:16


Teach Us O God
Psalm 86:11 - Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth; unite my heart to fear thy name.


We offer an excellent and superior academic standard, with an uncompromising Christian base. Cambridge is dedicated to forming well-rounded, balanced young adults who will one day become strong, critical thinkers and an asset to society. In order to achieve this, we combine academics with sport, culture, firm and fair discipline as well as praise where due.


• Provide an excellent and balanced education in a happy atmosphere
• Have pupils, parents and staff work together as a team
• Honour God day by day.

We teach highly respected curricula that help our students become global citizens

Enroll Your Child

Enroll Your Child

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    Why Cambridge?

    Our Core Values

          –    Christian principles

          –    Accountability

    M       –    Manners

    B       –    Bravery and courage

    R       –    Reliability & Responsibility

    I        –    Involvement and integrity

          –    Determination

    G       –    Gentleness of spirit and manner

    E       –    Excellence

    School and home must be seen to be working together for the child’s benefit in every way. We also expect parents to support the school in its reasonable attempts to implement the above and we value your participation. We request that parents don’t undermine the school in its efforts to discipline their children.

    The school authorities believe that there are certain non-negotiable absolutes governing behaviour. Biblical standards of right and wrong are our yardsticks controlling what is regarded as acceptable or non-acceptable behaviour.


    We have the very best teachers for your child

    The heart of a teacher is one of the most important things that can make or break a child's future. At Cambridge we take the utmost care to insure that your children are being taught and loved by the greatest hearts we can offer. Showing God to the kids day by day